Case Study

Case Study


Safe management & maintenance of personal and business PC

WinClon is a backup/restore solution to safely restore the system where O/S and various applications of user’s computer are installed and important data can be restored to the backed-up time point by keeping them in image format when the system becomes abnormal.
If system failure occurs caused by damage to the operation system (O/S), infection by viruses and malicious codes, deletion of important data due to negligence of users and physical damage to hard disc, etc. then the system can be rapidly restored to the backed-up time point therefore it can dramatically reduce paralysis of work function and cost for maintenance.


Maintenance of various IT terminal equipment such as computers, POS, KIOSK, DID, etc.
where Windows or Linux is installed

WinClon provides user to be always able to safely self-maintain the system without help of system expert personnel by providing very easy use interface.
WinClon realizes customer satisfaction and provides opportunity of cost saving effect in maintenance through rapid A/S for those business customers to manufacture/distribute terminal equipment where O/S is installed.
When system failure occurs, the system can be restored to the purchased time point or user’s last backed-up environment through a simple restore procedure and can reduce customer’s complaint due to increased waiting time for dispatching A/S personnel to the site and clearing the fault.




Manufacturing storage media built-in IT terminal equipments

DiskClon can dramatically shorten the work time to install operating system (OS), applications, data in the course of manufacturing the products by copying various original storage media such as HDD, SSD, CF memory, DOM, etc.
in very fast speed of 4.2GB/MIN above.
It guarantees reliability of data to the very high level and provides various and useful copy functions by supporting
100% inspection of copied result.


System maintenance and secure deletion for business and public institutions

Various management software and specialized personnel are required in order to maintain various computers
(Windows, Linux, Unix and other servers, client O/S) installed in companies and entities.
DiskClon can copy/backup media where various O/Ss are installed with the device and it is possible to delete data of media requiring security and disposal of system using data complete deleting function. DiskClon can save work time by supporting to simultaneously copy/delete 6/8/10/16 media and can save annual license cost using system management program.