CFS R1 – Video Recovery

Video Recovery Solution


CFS R1 – Video Recovery

Digital Forensic – Video recovery solution


  • Specialized Video data recovery solution for digital forensic
  • Recover damaged or deleted Video images on a frame by frame basis
  • Support most common video codec H.264, MPEG4, MJPEG used for CCTV, Car DVR, Smartphone & etc.
  • Recover Video images, regardless of the file system of storage media
  • Support various storage media as HDD, SSD, SD Memory
  • Time & Frame information is considered to recover video images in sequence
  • Support recovery report with Hash information.


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CFS R1 – Video Recovery Overview

1. Project-Based Evidence Management

  • You can add and manage evidence on a project basis.
  • You can add/modify/delete evidence in a project.

2. Simple Search Function

  • For the easy use of beginners, the simple search function is provided to complete evidence research with a
    few of clicks.

3. Detailed Search Function

  • The detailed search function enables the user to separately search for codecs or frames only.
  • If the information of the evidence is already saved in DB, it can be recovered just by frame search.
  • This function also has an advantage of giving more accurate results than in the simple search, as it can configure,
    for search, detailed items on evidence such as the search range, extraction of section-specific representative
    images, codec information selection.

4. Recovery in Image/Video Format

  • You can recover the evidence searched by the simple/detailed search into an image/video format.
  • You can recover MP4V, H.264, and MJPEG format codecs.

5. Product/Model DB Provided

  • You can save, in DB, the product/model information of evidence.
  • After that, if the product/model is the same during evidence search, recovery is possible just by frame search
    without the need of separate codec search.

6. YUV Player Provided

  • YUV dedicated player is provided to play YUV bundle files.

7. Variety of Evidence Selection Functions

  • Functions are provided to select the searched evidence according to time, frame number, odd/even number.
  • Recovery is also possible by selecting necessary evidence and assigning it as a group.

8. Hash Value Extraction Function

  • The hash value extraction function is provided to judge the integrity of evidence.

9. Report Function

  • The report function provides the basic information on evidence and search/recovery details by using the
    evidence in the form of a report.

Outline of CFS R1

Unique forensic solution in the world for recovering video by frame unit 

Recover damaged or deleted Video images on a frame by frame basis
CFS creates analysis report that restored result from damaged or deleted video in the Drive recorder, Phone or CCTV for submitting evidence to the court.

  • Current other video restoration programs may recover deleted video in file unit. But if video file were damaged in its structure or part of it, the entire file could not play on the player.
  • CFS R1 searches all of each frame of video but not search only a file. It makes CFS R1 special and possible to recover each image frames and recover those frames into video. CFS R1 is unique video file specialized restoration solution in the world.

What is video recovery bases forensic?


Video recovery bases forensic

  • It is a type of an forensic that analyze a video which is recoded while in the event for extracting key evidence scene.
  • CCTV, Car DVR and Smart phone are the target of this forensic.
  • Get the result by analyzing and recovering the evidence video frame unit
  • Submitting the extracted result to the court

What is the frame-unit video restoration solution?

It was not able to recover a video when the restored video has been damaged.
CFS recovers with frame unit

Even if video was damaged, CFS can restores each frame of video that is not damaged. CFS provides restoration beyond previous limitations.

Applicable Case (Recovery range)

Report – Evidence restoration

The contents of fundamental information, search and restoration of evidence is provided  with a report format.


This is not commercial program. This is forensic program.

Therefore, we provide our program to only investigator, police and government organization.


Comparison CFS R1 and CFS R1 Lite



CFS R1 Light

License method

USB dongle

Input license key

Searching Media

Physical disk, Logical drive and files

Physical disk and files

Multiple search



Multiple recovery



Media management

By case

By one

Simple search



Advance search



image frame recovery



Video recovery



Sub frame recovery


Extract unallocated region



Hash calculation






Select recovery video format




Forensic, Law Enforcement, Police,
and Enterprise

End-user and SOHO

(*O=Support / X=Not support)