CFS E1 – Video Enhancement

Video enhancement software



CFS E1 – Video Enhancement

Improved Image Quality Forensic Solution


This is image analysis forensic software for improving the accuracy upon criminal investigation, surveillance monitoring, and forensic investigation.  
This is a solution for calibration and image enhancement in order to identify low quality images such as a mobile phone, digital camera, or surveillance camera by offering various functions for forensic analysis including image enhancement and image processing regarding images and videos being difficult to identify.



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CFS E1 – Video Enhancement Overview

1. Image adjustment function

  • Possible to process a difficult-to-identify image with the image adjustment function

2. Provide various filters

  • Provide various filters to apply to the image for easy verification

3. Lens distortion calibration function

  • Provide a function to calibrate a distorted image taken by a fish-eye lens, such as a black box, to the plane image

4. Enhanced function for forensic investigation

  • Provide useful functions for forensic investigation such as defocus, motion deblur, super resolution, number plate angle calibration, etc.

5. Image Wizard function

  • If a number of resolution improvement functions need to be applied to a single image, a wizard function may be useful to apply functions in steps.


Product summary

Commercial version of forensic image analysis program of the National Forensic Service

  • Realization of powerful functions complemented with flaws of foreign software
  • Possible to add various functions needed for analysis
  • Include functions of various tools, special effects, etc. needed for edition of image
  • Include a function to calibrate the distorted image taken by a fish-eye lens, such as a black box, to the plane image

Enhanced menu – Defocus 

Adjust blurred images with wrong focus to be restored with distinct images.

[ Example of possible application ] Blurred image with wrong focus

  • Number plate of vehicle
  • Human face
  • Identification of phrase of object
  • Sign board

Enhanced menu – Motion deblur 

This is the function which restores with a clear image when the focus is blurred or it is difficult to identify a moving object with constant direction. 

[ Example of possible application ]

  • Moving vehicle, person, object, etc.
  • When it is difficult to identify due to movement upon shooting with a camera

Enhanced menu – Number plate angle calibration

This is the function which widens the number plate for easy identification when the number plate of a filmed vehicle is difficult to identify due to a narrow angle.

[Example of possible application]

  •  Number plate of vehicle

Enhanced menu – Super resolution 

This is the function which makes a high resolution image in combination / calculation of pixel information of several images with low resolution.

[ Example of possible application ]

  • Identification of fixed object within the image of low image quality
  • Phrase of being difficult for identification


Enhanced menu – Image adjustment function

This includes the basic adjustment functions such as color, brightness, contrast, etc. of image.


This is not commercial program. This is forensic program.

Therefore, we provide our program to only investigator, police and government organization.

Checking running environment

Before applying CFS E1 to the system, please check the following environment requirements for smooth operation.