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About Clonix

Clonix has continuously developed technoloies and released various product groups in the system backup/restore fields for about 10 years since its establishment in 2004, and has grown up as a backup/restore specialized solution development company recognized for its expertise by many customers.


We have been widening our research and development areas to various business fields such as not only restore software product group but also hard disk, eMMC copy equipment, forensics solution for scientific investigations, etc. on the basis of our expertise acquired from 100% pure source technology.


WinClon series, system backup/restore software, provides how to restore the system in the safest method if unexpected malfunction of operating system, damage of data by virus or malicious codes, etc. or physical failure of hardware in the system occurs. DiskClon series provides a data copy environment with diskimaging engine, differentiated from other copying equipments based on the disk-to-disk copy. It guarantees excellent productivity and data reliability in the field of media mass copying for mass production, maintenance and security deletion.


We are developing and supplying hardware equipments for obtaining digital evidence developed by ourselves and software solutions for analyzing evidence and for restoring data on the basis of backup/restore and disk copy technology. We are providing consulting services in detail by our best professional development personnel for institutes and corporate customers who require special-purpose features which are not supported by existing commercial products. We, Clonix, strongly believe that customers’ needs is the way we have to go and we are exerting our best effort to meet the rapidly changing trends of time and the needs of customers.